Vermont Farms! Association

Sandiwood Farm, Wolcott

Dinner in the field at Sandiwood Farm, Wolcott


Who are we?
Currently the Vermont Farms! Association (VF!A) represents about 44 farms and agriculturally oriented enterprises that are open to the public. Membership includes dairy farms, maple sugarhouses, pick-your-own fruit and berry orchards, llama, alpaca and sheep farms, wineries, Christmas tree operations, agriculture museums, dairy-yogurt-cheese-ice cream producers, farm research and education facilities, and other agriculture enterprises that offer farm experiences and farm tours to the public. We represent the diversity of agriculture in Vermont. Working farms open to the public provide fun farm experiences and intimate knowledge of actual farm life in Vermont.

Definition of Agritourism
The Vermont Farms! Association defines agritourism for our members’ enterprises as an operation that presents to the public some aspect or feature of interest in its category and that provides visitors with an educational or pleasurable experience aside from one that is solely commercial. A member must also meet the established standards of the association, with particular emphasis placed on the following:

a. be primarily engaged in some aspect of Vermont agriculture;
b. offer an agriculturally-oriented experience suitable for the entire family and educational in perspective;
c. be fully operational and prepared to handle with professionalism and courtesy the volume of visitors that membership in the VF!A might generate;
d. provide clean and adequate public rest rooms;
e. be consistently well maintained inside and outside the property;
f. be easily accessible; safety must not be an issue in reaching or visiting the site;
g. participate in the member association; attend annual meeting and other workshops, engage in mutual referral of visitors.

Membership Eligibility
Quality and Performance – Since the major aim of the association is to establish, develop, and promote high standards of agritourism in Vermont, it is essential that quality and performance be of the highest order.

Membership Investment
For more information on becoming a part of the Vermont agritourism experience, contact: VT Farms! Association,